What really goes on during a kids' first year of college?
For the first 18 years of their lives, we guide and protect our kids in the safety of our homes, but what happens when they head off to college and leave the nest for the very first time? We wanted to find out what they're really up to during those first few weeks of total, unchaperoned independence.

We followed real college freshmen to dorms, parties, and frat houses for an uncensored look into what college life is really like -- and what we learned will shock you.

Last year, the average American household income was $50,233. The average price of a private, four-year college is $25,143 per year. If your child is a college freshman, do you know where all your money is going? We didn't either ... until now.

Parents' hard-earned money isn't just going to books, dorms, and classes ... it's also financing drinking, drugs and dangerous sex.

We were rocked to the core by what we saw, so we were compelled to dig deeper. We surveyed 2,500 college freshmen from around the country about what really happens on campus.

The results are downright scary.

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Wasted Youth: College Freshmen Tell ALL

Parents, listen up.

When we embarked on our "Wasted Youth" investigation, we expected to find kids partying on weekends and occasionally missing classes. What we actually found was much more disturbing -- freshmen partying until they pass out, kids having sex with numerous partners, and others getting so wasted that they had to be rushed to the hospital.

We surveyed over 2,500 freshmen from all over the nation to see if this was the norm. Sadly not only is it the norm, it's way worse than we ever suspected. Here are some of the most shocking things that we found:

57% of freshmen drank before college and 68% drink now that they are in college

  • 21% drink 3 or more days a week
  • 26% drink on weekends only
  • 34% drink enough to get buzzed and then stop
  • 35% drink until they are very drunk
  • 37% drink until they're very drunk, throw up, or pass out

Since being in college:

  • 36% of kids have thrown up from drinking too much
  • 32% of kids have not remembered the night before
  • 26% of kids have passed out from drinking too much
  • 32% have hooked up with or had sex with someone they regret
  • 13% have woken up somewhere and not know how they got there

49% of freshmen whose parents are paying for school DO NOT feel an obligation to NOT party and focus on school

50% of freshmen say that their parents DID NOT talk to them about partying before they left for school

48% of freshmen say their parents WOULD NOT approve of their behavior, while 50% say their parents WOULD approve

56% of freshmen say they know someone who has ended up in the hospital because of partying

38% of freshmen admit to having sex with one or more people since arriving at school

  • 17% say they've had a "booty call"
  • 22% say they've had sex while drunk
  • 11% of students say they have felt pressure to have sex with someone they didn't want to
  • 61% of freshmen plan on continuing partying after college graduation

Here are the rest of our College Freshmen Survey results:

65% of students go to schools that cost $15,000 or more

71% of parents pay for half or all of the college tuition

  • 42% of parents had the money to pay for college
  • 18% of parents took out a loan to pay for college

40% of freshmen did drugs before college

  • 40% smoked pot
  • 11% took prescription drugs
  • 8% took ADD/ADHD medicine
  • 6% did cocaine

Since being in college, 31% of freshmen have tried drugs

  • 32% smoked pot
  • 6% took prescription drugs
  • 6% took ADD/ADHD medicine

Kids say they party to:

  • Release from the stress of school (30%)
  • Make friends (23%)
  • Relax (21%)

69% say they don't think they party too much

25% of freshmen have missed classes/assignments because they've partied too much and 10% admit their grades are suffering because of partying

75% of freshmen feel that there ARE negative ramifications to partying

26% of freshmen feel they have to party to fit in

40% of freshmen say their parents DON'T know how much they party, while 34% say their parents DO know how much they party

40% of freshmen say that peer pressure is the same as or worse than in college than in high school

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Source: www.momlogic.com/2009/08/wasted_youth_college_freshmen_tell_all.php

One in five kids has witnessed sex in school. Now, hear their side of the story

"Kids in my school are always hooking up or having sex in the closets, bathrooms or auditorium. I can't describe the nauseating feeling of walking down the hall and having to dodge the used condom on the ground." -- Kristen, 18, Atlanta

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