Ways to have Fun Without Drinking

Go to a late-night diner all dressed up and order fries and a milkshake; it'll hit the spot and you'll get tons of attention!

Buy a bunch of one-use cameras, pass them around to your friends, and set a goal to use every last picture before the night is through!

Have a "Cranium" or "Act One" party at someone's house; don't forget to have lots of sodas, chips, and dips. You'll be hungry after all that dancing!

Host a karaoke party at your house, in a friend's barn, or at a local Elks or Rotary lodge.

Visit an arcade with your date or with a group, and challenge each other to a game or two.

Have a dance-off at the local arcade. Couples against couples. It's a blast.

Ask your local YMCA if you can plan an after-prom basketball tournament. Bring your favorite CDs to play in the background.

Go to a late night coffee house and relive the evening for hours!

After prom, gather in a friend's house or backyard, take your shoes off, turn up the music, and really dance! Don't forget to notify neighbors and police of your special event, and don't let guests come and go.
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Think about it!

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